Your Dashboard will be the place you go to manage your tasks daily  

  • CLIENT SWEEP TAB:  to see your recent Clients by week, month, and year view.

  • APPOINTMENTS TAB: to see which appointments are due and when.

  • DAILY TASKS TAB: to see what actions your Clients have taken since your last follow-up and what you should do next to take care of them.

  • FOLLOW-UPS TAB: to see what follow-ups you have scheduled and any reminder notes for communication.

  • CALENDAR TAB: to view and complete your Allume schedule/availability.

  • METRICS TAB: to see your performance metrics live.

  • CSAT Tab : CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction and as a metric, it measures short-term happiness or how a customer feels about our service. Here are some tips to help you use your CSAT tab effectively:

    • Check your CSAT tab daily to get a pulse on how you’re doing with your clients.

    • Adjust behaviors as needed based on feedback.

    • Reach out to your ASM if you have questions regarding feedback given!

    • Feedback interpretation is key. All feedback is good feedback since every comment is an opportunity to learn and grow as a stylist.

    • Focus on comments around service, execution, timely responses and look quality! This is what we hired you for :-)


    • You will see your client's name along with a $ value (1$-6$).  The $ value is their spending power as indicated by their Style Quiz.  

    • To open the Style Quiz, simply click on the client's name. You may see "Styling Frequency" under a client's name which means they are signed up for a Styling cadence, you can click on that button to see their cadence.  

    • Finally, you can use the Orders Link to see previous items the client has purchased


    • This is your client's contact information.  

    • In order to open up their Bottle conversation, you can simply click on their phone number


    • This is where you can see the date of when your client "hearted" an item, commented on her Lookbook, added to her cart, checked out, and received her items

  • TYPE

    • 3 assignment types: Initial Looks aka Head to Toe- this session is for a new client which involves a full consultation.  

    • Recurring Looks- this is not a client's first Lookbook.

    • Revision- modifications on an existing Lookbook


    •  This is for HQ, please do not add notes here


    • Please change to "In Progress" prior to consultation


    • This is the time for the consultation, you must be on time when messaging your client.  

    • Look review is the suggested time by which you will deliver you Lookbook.

    • Please note, all Lookbooks must be delivered same day!  


    • This is where you will close out your assignments and schedule revisions

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