Shipping Guide

We know that shipping costs can be a pain point for clients, so we have some tips & tricks below to help you work around this! 

Please also reference the Shipping Breakdown by store, including the ones with Free Shipping HERE

Shopping Tips​ & Tricks

  • When sending your client her Lookbook, mention the stores that have free shipping! 

  • If you're including an item from a store with a high shipping threshold, include 2-3 more items from that store! This gives your client the option to purchase more than 1 item from her Lookbook to meet that threshold

    • For example, if you put a top from Loft in your Lookbook, include 2-3 more items so your client can meet the $125 minimum for Free Shipping​

    • Reference the chart below when shopping from these stores:

*Eloquii is a Plus Size brand. If your client is not Plus, please do not use accessories from them

  • Point your client in the direction of "More from Store"

    • On their Lookbook, if they click on an item from a store that has a medium-high shipping threshold (see chart above), they can simply click on the link that says "Want Free Shipping?" to find another item to purchase to reach the threshold

    • See example below:

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