Rescheduling/Cancellation Guide

There will be times that your client reaches out to reschedule their style session or cancel their account. Here's the protocol for what to do based on the specific situation!

We do have a 48-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. This means a client needs to make any changes to her appointment date or time prior to 48 hours before their styling session.  

If you have questions or are uncertain about this policy in relation to your client’s appointment please reach out to your ASM for guidance.

If your client writes in to RESCHEDULE or CANCEL within (inside) the 48 hour window, send her this script and then submit a ticket/chat to Concierge:​

Hi  ____, sure I will contact our Concierge team regarding your request. Since our appointment cancellation policy requires 48 hours notice before your appointment, I still wanted to send the Lookbook I put together for you. Let me know your thoughts on the looks whenever you can. Once I get your feedback, I’ll revise your looks and send them back to you. If you require any additional assistance, please email

*you are to continue to work on the Lookbook and send


If a client wants to RESCHEDULE or CANCEL her current session outside of the 48 hour window:

Old world client: 

Step 1: Text your client the following script:


“Sure, I am happy to contact Concierge regarding your request. If you need any additional assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our concierge team at”

Step 2: Submit a ticket/chat into HQ or reach out to your ASM to remove the appointment from your calendar.

Self-booked client: 

Step 1: Text your client the following script:


You can actually cancel or reschedule your appointment directly from your profile here: If you have any problems or need any additional assistance, please email

*you do not need to submit a ticket/chat - if you check back later and find the appointment is still on your calendar, reach out to your ASM or Concierge to remove.

If you are unsure how to tell if your client is old world vs self-booked, reference this doc here.

If a client wants to cancel her account/subscription (stop service):

Step 1: Text your client the following script:

Hi ____! To change how often you'd like to be styled, please update your account here: If you require additional assistance, please email for assistance.

Step 2: Email your ASM so they can remove any appointments from your calendar

Step 3: Submit a ticket/chat into HQ




We refund the initial $20 styling fee when you purchase from your Lookbook! The charges that appear on your credit card/bank statement are the retailer price and a separate transaction of $20 styling fee is the refund is from Allume. You should see that refund in 5-10 business days.

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