Recurring Session Checklist

Remember, your Client came back to work with YOU so keep building your relationship and have fun!!!

  • Execute a Recurring Goals reach out. Here's how!

  • Tell the Client the time that you will send her the Lookbook

  • Prepare...Here's how!

  • Get the Client live for a Look Review. What do you say?

  • Leave notes in ANNA on your Client's profile. Take note!

  • Schedule a Revision if needed. Check out these Revision FAQs!

  • Follow up!! Be sure to follow up with your Client - check in on her the next day.

    • ​1st Follow Up - 1 day after Lookbook is sent​

    • 2nd Follow Up - 2 days after the 1st follow up

    • 3rd Follow Up - 4 days after 2nd follow up (1 week from date original Lookbook was sent)

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