Recurring Goal Reach Outs

Step 1:
Take some time every Sunday to look through your dashboard for the week and see what is coming up (pro tip- add "Review Allume Dashboard" to your calendar so you don't forget!).  Check out your Repeat Sessions for the week and see if your client has submitted her goals for the Session. If she has you will see "Client Style Goals" under her assignment:
Step 2:
If your client has given goals, read through them in advance and make sure you have enough information to work with.  The last thing you want to do is open her goals right before you are about to shop for her and see "cute tops" 

Step 3: 

Reach out to your client 24 hours before sending Lookbook



If client did NOT include goals:

Hi ___, it's ___ with Allume! I am so excited to put together a Lookbook for you on ____! I would love your direction for what I should shop for this time around.  Do you have any trips or events coming up that we want to focus on? If not, should I continue to focus on work and evening out [cater to client] looks? Are there any new trends or specific pieces you have in mind?

If client DID include goals:

Hi ___, it's ___ with Allume! I'm so excited to put together a new Lookbook for you on ___! I see that you're looking for some great pieces to take with you on vacation to Mexico [cater to client]. Are there any specific styles that you want to pack?


Step 4: The day the new Lookbook is due, another reach out is required.

If you HAVE NOT heard from your client:

Hi ___, I'm about to begin shopping for your new Lookbook.  I would love to get some direction so I can really personalize your Looks for you! If I don't hear from you, I will create your Lookbook based off of your quiz and our conversation last time. I'll have your Lookbook to you by ___ am/pm {include timezone}


If you HAVE received some direction:

"Hi, xxx! I just wanted to let you know that I'm online and getting ready to work on your Lookbook. If you think of anything else, let me know! I'll have your Lookbook to you by xxx am/pm!"

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