Targeted Goal Reach Outs

Reaching out to clients prior to their session has proven to be beneficial in the client’s overall experience.


It helps you get specific goals for the session after reviewing the client’s profile (ie. vacation - where are they going? Dislikes green - does that include olive? etc) which leads to a more successful session. 


The goal is to improve sales and H2T Buy Rate!

Below are some scripts you can utilize. Personalize as needed:


1. Hi______! It’s your stylist from Allume. I have you scheduled for an appointment on (date & time of session) I am so excited to start shopping for you! 

Winter Trends are focusing on layers! Choose from sweaters, cardigans and coats to get that chic, sophisticated, WARM feeling all winter long. Here is a look that I thought you might love. Are there pieces in this Look that you’d like to see in your Lookbook or items that just don’t seem like you?

{insert Look from Starter Looks or Explore Looks}

















2. Hi ______! My name is ______ and I will be your Allume stylist for your session on (date & time of session). I have started pulling some pieces for you based on your quiz and would LOVE to know your thoughts on this look.

{insert Look from Starter Looks or Explore Looks}

3. Hi ______! My name is ______ and I will be your Allume stylist for tomorrow’s session (date & time). I saw you were looking for (ex: a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding). Would you be able to share more details about you’re looking for? <ask clarifying questions to understand the type of event>

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