Lookbook Checklist

Before you publish your Lookbook...double check this list!

  • Does my Lookbook have 3 Looks?

  • Do each of my collages have 5-6 items?

  • Do each of my Looks have 12 items in the Look?

  • Do I have a maximum of 3-4 non-apparel? (Other items include shoes and apparel)

  • Do I have a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes per Look (Unless client specifies otherwise)

  • Is there variety in my Looks when it comes to style, occasion, color?

  • Is my collage visually appealing? (are items cropped appropriately, white backgrounds when applicable, etc)

  • Are all of my items in my client’s price range? (Are they too low or too high?)

  • Are all of my items available in the Client’s size?

  • Did I fulfill my Client’s specific requests?

  • Did I include any apparel items that my Client wanted me to AVOID?

  • Did I include any colors that my client would like me to AVOID?

  • Have I spell-checked my description for any grammatical errors?

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