Getting Started

Setting up your Direct Deposit with Qwil:


Qwil is the payroll company in which you will receive your direct deposit bi-weekly. 


You will receive an email from Qwil sent to your personal email address inviting you to set up your account shortly after signing your stylist contract. NOTE: This email sometimes goes to your spam/junk folder. If you cannot find it in your inbox, look in your spam folder for an email from “” titled “Invitation to Qwil from Allume”


Set up your Qwil account by entering your personal information and linking a payment method of your choice.

Once you are set up on Qwil, you will receive your payments here every other week.


When do I receive my payment?

You will receive your payment for each pay period the following Friday after submitting your invoice and payroll survey.

Qwil provides an option for a cash advance, for a fee of 1%, that will allow you to receive payment starting the Tuesday after you submit your invoice.

Payroll FAQs & Information

What hours do I track on my invoice?

  • Track any hours where you are working directly with a client.  The pre-consult prep, the consult, the time you spend shopping and creating the Lookbook and the time you spend with the client reviewing the Lookbook

  • If you finish the Lookbook at noon and the client is unavailable to review with you until the next day at noon, please do not put down 24 hrs :)


How do I track and add hours to my Invoice?

  • On your Invoice, select the Assignment Type that you completed and enter the client name:

  • Enter the time spent on the assignment.


When do I submit my Invoice?

  • Submit your Invoice every other Friday as per the Calendar Invite on your Google Calendars.

  • You will receive the link to the payroll survey by Friday morning, and you must fill this payroll survey out by 9PM PST on Friday.

  • You must fill out the payroll survey AND submit your invoice for each pay period in order to get paid.

  • Failure to submit approved hours by the deadline may result in a delay in payment wages.

  • The deadline for the payroll survey is a hard cut-off, as we will close the survey at 9PM PST. Anything not reported by survey close, you must roll into the next pay period.


How do I submit my Invoice?

  • Re-share your Invoice in Google Docs to submit it.  

  • Click on the Share Button on the top right corner of your Invoice.

  • Share the Invoice with Nandini Gupta & your ASM


What do I do when I run out of tabs on my Invoice?

  • Create more by clicking the “+” sign at the bottom left of your invoicing doc.  Copy/paste the previous page and delete all the valuest to start over. Make the name of the new tab the dates of the next two weeks.

Where do I log my Follow Ups and Daily Tasks? 

  • Shopping time, Look Review, Edits/Swaps, Daily Tasks, and Follow Ups should be billed into the 1.5 hour per client expectation. Do not bill Daily Tasks & Follow Ups under Admin***

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