Following Up with your Clients

We are excited to share a new shift in how we check in or follow up with our clients.


Previously, we had followed the 1,2, 4  schedule- meaning we checked in with our clients 1 day after a session, 2 days after their first follow up and 4 days after their second follow up. We also closely followed scripts for each of these follow ups.


We are changing this process to better serve the client!

Watch the VIDEO below:

What do we know?

67% of Allume purchases are made within the first 48 hours!

We want to ensure we are striking while the iron is hot, but also listening to our clients' questions and needs. We also know that generic script does not lead to sales! Allume clients want to feel like you are engaging with them in a way that feels organic, “not salesy” and makes sense according to what they’ve shared with you.


Through customer research, we know that personalized follow ups are significantly more impactful than generic ones. We saw some of our top stylists doing this from the get-go. They would deviate off script, add personalized notes and build trust with their clients in ways that were meaningful to the experience.


The goal of a follow up should be to engage our client with both you and our service offering!


So what does that mean?

We want to give you, the stylist, more control over your interactions and let the client engagement and interactions guide you. This means less “busy work” for you, and more valuable interactions with your clients. We want each touchpoint with the client to be impactful and meaningful.  


What isn't Changing?

All clients will still receive a follow up the day after their appointment. We are also still expected to deliver revisions and edits as close to the appointment as possible (and always within a 24 hour timeframe). 

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