Efficiency Tips & Tricks

We interviewed Stylists with the best efficiency and here are some of their Tips that have helped them be successful!

  • Have your bottle notifications ON!

    • Both on your phone and on your computer.

    • This will allow you to work on other tasks while you wait for your client to respond


  • Time yourself!

    • Set a timer on your phone so that you don’t get lost in the many pages of ANNA


  • Remember, it’s the First Draft Lookbook - it does not have to be perfect!

    • Use the right filters to pull up relevant product for your client, and then choose pieces from the first 1-2 pages. Don't overthink it.

    • You’ll be able to gather feedback during your Look Review and spend more time on the edits once you know what your client is looking for.


  • Add alternatives to your rack as you’re shopping!

    • Even if the item is not the key piece featured in the collage, you want to have backup options or alternatives to add to each look.


  • When searching through “Top Looks” in ANNA, use looks that appear first as they are more likely to have pieces in stock.

    • The farther down you scroll, the more items need replacing.


  • Take advantage of any downtime during or in between appointments

    • Complete any Daily Tasks, Follow Ups, revisions, or start on a new client’s Lookbook during this time

    • When you're waiting for a client's response, have ANNA up and ready to go so you can start shopping as soon she provides you feedback

    • IMPORTANT: Always have bottle notifications set to ON so that you don’t miss your client’s message while you’re doing other tasks


  • When you go into Explore Looks, have 3 looks in mind that you're shopping for - some of the things you have in mind for her will pop out at you.

    • Be specific, but not TOO narrow-minded with the looks you have in mind.

    • Think broadly: “ankle length pants in a light color, white fitted top, colorful colored blazer or jacket”. Don’t strap yourself down to “floral sleeveless wrap top in pink…” or you will find yourself searching forever.


  • Copy your OWN most recent looks in ANNA and tailor them to client after

    • This will help you cut down on Sell-Outs, since you just recently sent those Looks to another client


  • Keep your accessory favorites up to date and have a lot of style and color options - this will help you finish the look faster.

    • For jewelry have all categories covered in your favorites for necklaces and earrings: statement, layering, classic, fine, delicate - in silver, gold, and rose gold in a wide range of prices from several retail partners.

    • Scarves - have a variety of patterns, colors, lengths, and prices from several retail partners.

    • Bags - Make sure you have a variety of colors, styles (tote, satchel, clutch, shoulder, evening), and prices from a variety of our retail partners.

    • As you work on a Lookbook and preview it, if you notice that an accessory is sold out, take the time to remove it from your favorites. This will help you keep your favorites current.


  • Ask guiding questions when someone says “It’s not my style” or "I don't like it"

    • For example: “In the first Look with the dresses, what part do you not like, the length? Colors? Prints? Styles?” Try to help them help you.

    • If they say, “I would rather see straight jeans”, ask: “do you like distressed Jeans? Cropped? Light or dark wash?”


  • Use the NOTES section in ANNA to save you time later

    • Copy and paste her style comments from Bottle here so you can look quickly read your client’s feedback for Recurring Sessions without scrolling through Bottle every time

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