Have a Happy Client? Ask her to Rate You!  

As you know, CSAT is one of the main factors that determines how much work you get and how we measure your success as a stylist.


Why does CSAT matter?  Because it is a great measure of client delight! Therefore, when you have a client that had an amazing experience with you, you want them to take a moment to give you a high rating and share positive feedback! Encouraging your happy clients to do this will benefit you greatly. 

Currently, the way a client can rate you is through an email link that they receive after their Lookbook is sent. Sometimes they may skip over this, so sending them a quick reminder can help!


Moving forward, if you have a client that is very happy working with you and LOVES her looks, send her the following script:

Hi ____, 


I’m glad you enjoyed our styling session and had a great experience with me! If you have a moment to rate me as a stylist, I would really appreciate it. Your feedback goes a long way!   


Look out for an email asking you to rate me as your stylist :) 


Thanks so much! 

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