Appointments &

Daily Tasks/Follow-Ups

A big part of your role is going to be showing up! Check out the expectations regarding your Assignments & Daily Tasks/Follow-Ups to see what we mean.


Completing your Assignments on time is extremely important when it comes to an excellent Client experience:

  • Show up on time for every Look Review Appointment.

  • Ask specific and valuable questions.

  • Communicate a clear delivery time for the Final Lookbook...then execute!

  • Complete and publish your Lookbooks on time, every time. (This is at the Look Review Appointment time!)

  • Communicate! Whether you're experiencing technical difficulties or the Lookbook is taking you a little bit longer than you expected, communicating with your Client can mean the difference between an O.K. experience and an amazing experience.

  • Always make sure to "Mark Complete" so that you can then schedule the 1st Follow-Up!

Daily Tasks/Follow -Ups

Sorting through and completing your Daily Tasks and

Follow-Ups takes the Client experience to the next level:

  • Sweep your Daily Tasks & Follow-Ups tab at the start of every shift.

  • If you're going to be away for at least 2 days, do what you can to take care of your Daily Tasks/Follow-Ups ahead

  • of time (if it makes sense!) It's also a best practice to let your clients know that you will be signed off for the next couple days and let them know the day you will be available.

  • "Mark Complete" after executing every follow-up. This will prompt you to schedule the next one!

  • Make it personal! Use the scripts given, then personalize to make the reach-out even more valuable.

  • Take the time. It doesn't take much, but the quickest follow-up can make the biggest difference.

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