Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Hours

to your Allume Dashboard:

1. Access your calendar in your Dashboard and click on the Calendar tab

2. Make sure your name is listed under "Stylist"

3. Choose the time at which you want to start. Click on it and drag down to the time you want to end. The block will be blue when you are dragging.

4. Once you add a block, click on it. The block will turn grey, which means it is now on the calendar and available to be booked.


​5. All times must be added in 30 minute increments for the Look Review Appointment.  If you wish to style your Lookbooks back-to-back, be sure to schedule 1 hour between your available slots.


6. You will have 1 hour to change or delete a slot from the time you add it!  If you add a slot and realize it is at the wrong time, you can drag the existing slot to another time or click on the trash can on the top right corner of the slot to delete.

7. After 1 hour, the slot is locked and you need to contact your ASM to make any change.

8. Please continue to reflect time off on your Google Calendar.  HQ still uses this calendar to get in contact with you so if you will be off for a period of time, please mark this on your Google Calendar.

Watch the VIDEO below for steps on how to update your Calendar:

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